What does Altgens 6 Show?

The famous Altgens 6 photograph

The introduction page hints at what is in the Altgens 6 photograph that made it so important to this study. First a brief description of what else it captured. Concentrating on the passengers first you will notice the following;

  1. Secret Service Agent Roy Kellerman in the front passenger seat is looking to his left.
  2. Governor John Connally, sat in the right jump seat, behind Kellerman, is looking to his right, over his shoulder.
  3. President Kennedy, behind Connally, has his left hand up to his throat, with the arm almost horizontal. His head is bowed, his right hand is at his throat too but that is not as clear in this photograph as it is in the Zapruder film. Jackie Kennedy's left hand is holding her husband's left forearm.

Look more closely however and you will see something else in the picture, something which allows us to calculate the origin of the shot that has injured the President.

The famous Altgens 6 photograph - with Hole highlighted

(Above) In the centre of the red circle is a white mark on the windshield.

The famous Altgens 6 photograph - with Hole highlighted (Close crop)

(Above) Closer still that mark is more distinct.

The famous Altgens 6 photograph - with Hole highlighted, in negative view.

(Above) A6 Negative version

This version of the photograph  I can only presume to have been digitally converted to negative. It is available on Google Images with no background information as to its origin. I do not believe this image was derived from the original.  The picture is of particular interest in the matter of Lee Oswald's whereabouts at the time of the shooting, a matter mired in controversy way beyond the scope and purpose of this site. A serious researcher who had obtained an original negative of this photo would and should have had it blown up and digitally scanned and made extensive and public use of that enlargement. However, just because this is only a digital artefact doesn't diminish it's potential as a source of useful information for this study. It reveals detail that is less apparent in the original image.

The famous Altgens 6 photograph - with Hole highlighted Negative cropped

(Above) Here it is circled on the negative version

The famous Altgens 6 photograph - with Hole highlighted - negative close cropped.

(Above) Once again, viewed more closely the mark is more distinct.

Thus the negative image highlights the mark - (black this time) giving us much more detail and definition. As you will soon see, that mark was described by numerous witnesses as a bullet hole, and by two of those witnesses - who fortunately were qualified to judge what it was they were looking at, as a bullet hole fired from in front of the limousine.

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